to the factory era

Max Maag (1883-1960), an innovative mechanical engineer and organ builder, took over the halls of the liquidated automobile factory "Safir" in Zurich West in 1913 and founded the Max Maag Zahnradfabrik (later Maag-Zahnräder AG).

Welding shop in Bistro k2
Maag was one of the world's leading suppliers of gearboxes for gas turbines, compressors, ships and cement factories. A welding shop was housed in today's Bistro k2 during the industrial era. The good economic situation during the First World War allowed the company to grow from an initial 24 employees to a large enterprise with up to 1500 workers.

MAAG schnitzel in the canteen
In the company's own factory canteen "Maag" (today the Ernst & Young building stands on this site), the highlight at the end of the week on Fridays was the MAAG schnitzel. Due to its size and taste, it also achieved cult status among external visitors.

Today, over 100 years later, we are reviving the factory days with the MAAG schnitzel in our Bistro k2, where tinkering, turning, drilling, casting, grinding and assembling once took place.